Rush to Love G230 GELPREMIUM gel lacquer

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PREMIUM gel lacquers with revolutionary formula, which ensure 3 weeks of wear. Gel lacquers have ideal density which gives the opportunity to have full coverage even from the first layer.  Hence, you save money.

Additionally, NE GELPREMIUM gel lacquers do not distill and are self-leveling, which gives the opportunity to apply the gel on all 5 fingers together.  Hence, you save time. 

Like all NE products, GELPREMIUM line also has an international quality certificate, is 5-FREE and harmless for the use by pregnant women as well. As well as, NE GELPREMIUM line undergoes constant quality control both in NE laboratory and in our partner European laboratories. 

How to Use
  • Prep the nails with   
  • Dehydrate the nails with Nail Prep 
  • Apply 1 layer of GELPREMIUM Vitamin-Infused Primer or non-acid based  Ultrabond
  • Apply 1 thin layer of GELPREMIUM Base Coat . If needed, apply the base with a leveling technique. 
  • Cure for 60 seconds under LED lamp. 
  • Apply 1-2 thin layers of preferred GELPREMIUM color. 
  • Cure for 60 seconds under LED lamp. 
  • Finish with 1 layer of NE GELPREMIUM Top Coat , which dries with an adhesive layer. 
  • Cure for 60 seconds under LED lamp. 
  • Wait for 60-120 seconds and remove the sticky layer with NE   
  • Apply 1 drop of your preferred cuticle oil


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