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Love is Important

NE winter 2021 capsule collection includes 4 glitter shades dedicated to the celebration of love everyday, everywhere and in any form. Take a sip of love with you!

NeBeauty Found dream collection cover

Found Dream

NE spring-summer 2021 collection is dedicated to one of the most famous Armenian cartoons: Found Dream Enjoy the vivid shades of our collection and let your dreams take over your imagination!


NazaNE spring-summer 2020 collection is inspired by the character of an Armenian women which we encounter in the songs of Komitas and Sayat-Nova. Music has colors. Explore them with our NazaNE collection. 


SariNE fall-winter 2020 collection is dedicated to the beautiful region of Lori. Fall in Lori is rich with colors and splendid landscapes. Feel the wonderful nature of Lori on your nails. 

NeBeauty NEon collection cover


NEon capsule collection features 6 vibrant neon shades. Find the colors of your mood and express yourself in them!


NE fall-winter 2019 collection is inspired by the retro Yerevan. Each shade is dedicated to one of the 12 districts of Yerevan. Feel the rythm of retro Yerevan through these vibrant colors!

Become a benefactor

NE spring-summer 2019 collection “Become a benefactor” features 12 vibrant shades. The profits of the collection were donated to “Hay Manuk” program, which finances young Armenian couples, who have difficulty of having a child, undergo medical procedures and solve their health problems. Due to the sales of the collection, one couple was able to successfully undergo all medical procedures and fulfill their dream of having a child. 

Silk Road

Silk road capsule collection features 6 pearl glitter shades. Armenia was one of the key countries along the Silk Road. Each shade of the collection is dedicated to one key city along the road and is meant to celebrate history and mix of cultures.