About us

My name is http://nebeauty.am/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/ne-angleren.jpg :

I was born and raised in the most beautiful country of the world, Armenia. At first everybody knew me as a beauty salon-studio, that made a revolution in the beauty industry. But now I can proudly claim that I became a famous brand, that produces first ever Armenian colored nail polishes, and also offers a full line of professional items, including nail treatments.

My main goal is to create quality Armenian products with affordable prices for my nation.

http://menok.iws.am/img/ne_brand44444.jpg Colored nail polishes have well pigmented fashionable colors, exceptional glossy formula and are gifted with unique names.

For the production of http://menok.iws.am/img/ne_brand44444.jpg  colored nail polishes only high-quality raw materials from Europe and the USA are used. They do not contain the
following 5 harmful substances: Dibutil Ftalat, Toluol, Formaldegit and Formaldegit resin, that we can come across in many nail color polishes spread in our market.


The http://menok.iws.am/img/ne_brand44444.jpg professional collection and nail treatments, including base coat, top coat, acrylics, gel color, cuticle oil, are made in the USA and carefully bottled in Armenia.

http://menok.iws.am/img/ne_brand44444.jpgOur professional team puts love and care in every detail of the production process to create the best for our customers. 


Sincerely yours,  http://menok.iws.am/img/ne_brand44444.jpg :