Who said that neon nails is only for summer?

The motto for our new NEon collection is “Turn on the colors”. There is a stereotype that neon color shades are only for summer, however, we are here to break 💣 that common way of thinking. Ne will help you shine and stand out with your neon nails during any season of the year. Here are some simple DIY nail art ideas with our NEon palette from us to you.

1.Definitely the must-have neon shade is yellow.💛 This color not only boosts your mood 24/7, but also adds modern and fancy touch to your nails. The forever classy nude helped us to finalize this beautiful design. Due to the convenient and flexible edges of Ne nail polish brushes, to draw a straight line is very easy. In just a few minutes a fabulous nail art is ready.💅🏼✨

Used products

Base coat: Ne Titanium

Neon yellow: A237 The Color in You 

Nude: A117 My Yerevan is different 

Top Coat: Ne Diamond 

2. The second nail art idea was offered by one of our nail masters. 👩🏻 This design is for those cases when you can’t decide between 2 colors. In our Kasyan 2 branch we will help you to resolve this dilemma. Surely the color combinations may vary based on your preferences. Our NEon collection has 6 color shades created especially for you, so that you can feel free to experiment with us and find the color IN you. 🌈💜

Used products

Base coat: Ne Titanium

Neon yellow: A237 The Color in You 

Neon green: A239 Yaay NEon!

White: A221 Harmony 

Top Coat: Ne Diamond 

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2 simple DIY nail art for this Vardavar

Today, on 28th of July, the holiday of Vardavar is celebrated throughout Armenia. It is one of the most widespread national holidays of our country. The history of this holiday is very old. It is related to both ancient Armenian pagan times and to the traditions and holidays of Armenian Apostolic church. The meaning of this holiday for Armenian Apostolic church is described in the notes of one of the witnesses and contemporaries of Jesus Christ. According to those notes, Jesus Christ appeared in front of three of his apostles surrounded by an extremely bright light. Concerning the ancient Armenian pagan times, the idea of holiday Vardavar was to worship water and every natural occurrence related to it. Perhaps at that time originated the custom of watering each other on this day. And this custom is preserved up until now. 

Vardavar brings everybody together to spend fun and enjoyable time during the hottest month of July. And in order to completely enjoy your holiday, your nails should be in perfect shape. 💅🏼 Ne offers you 2 easy design ideas that you can do by yourself with our nail polishes and be trendy in color this Vardavar. ✨

  1. We have specifically chosen this design because the pink patterns very much remind us of rose petals. Due to the flexible and comfortable edges of Ne nail polish, you can get this design by only one touch. For this design we used the following Ne colored nail polishes:

 🌺 A166 Nane  

 🌬 A218 White softness

  1. We associate this design with the custom of watering each other on Vardavar as the mixture of ocean blue and emerald green create the effect of water splash 🐳 To create this design you need only a small piece of file or polyester bag. And for the nail polish not to get on your fingers and cuticles, we recommend to use Ne Skin Defender.  

Used nail polishes:

🌊A225 “9th wave” by Hovhannes Ayvazovski (1850)

M339 Menthol freshness 

🌬 A218 White softness

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5 sights in Armenia that inspired the glitter collection of Ne

Ne is famous for its’ diverse and Armenian names for each nail lacquer. This week let’s find out where the inspiration for those interesting names comes from.

The last glitter collection of Ne is named after a few famous sights in Armenia with some adaptations. Ne specifically chose those sights that are not very famous among both natives and tourists. As it is summer and, thus, time for travelling, this blog article could also  help you find the perfect vacation spot in Armenia. 

  1. A203 Trchkan waterfall

Trchkan waterfall is situated on the border of Shirak and Lori regions, on the river Pambak. Due to its upland location and cold water, Trchkan waterfall is the perfect spot to run to during the burning hot summer season of Armenia. Also, it is a place where you can fully enjoy the nature of our beautiful homeland. Getting inspired by the beauty of Trchkan waterfall, Ne created this perfect combination of blue and silver glitter.

2. A196 Khndzoreskandzav 

Kndzoresk village is famous for its swinging bridge, but very few people know about the mysterious caves of Kndzoresk. “Andzav” means cave in Armenia, thus the name for this perfect gold glitter: Khndzoreskandzav. According to historians, in the middle of 20th century in these caves were living approximately 8000 people, who were moved to New Khndzoresk in 1950.  🔮

3. M375 Run Arpa!

Arpa is economically and historically one of the most important rivers for Armenia. In its upside current Arpa river is surrounded by heavenly nature landscape. Here are situated the famous city of Djermuk and the waterfall with the same name. The seaweeds are very common in Arpa, that is why our team got inspired by the emerald green of this river and created this amazing shade of glitter. 💚

4. A199 The secret of Magil

The cave of Magil is situated in Vayots Dzor region and as early as the neolithic times, some tribes used to live there. A lot of equipment and jewelry from stones were also discovered in this cave. Inside there are many undiscovered places which give mystery to Magil. Getting inspired exactly by that mystery, we came up with this unique combination of red and silver glitters. 🐾

5. A200 Qarahundjamut

And, of course, Ne could not emit the beautiful and symbolic Qarahundj from its list. This amazing complex, near the city of Sisian, is older than the famous Stonehenge. Most probably, during ancient times Qarahundj was used as an observatory as the holes on the stones show exact destinations and measure the distance of stars precisely. Qarahundj is the most beautiful during the sunset. As sunset is “mayramut” in Armenian, we combined the names and got Qarahunjamut for this amazing shade of pink glitter. 🌅

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5 ways to care for your cuticles

Cuticles are the protectors of our nails. Very often nail masters suggest not to cut the cuticles because in that case infections may easily get inside. On the other hand, nail polish does not go on the nails smoothly and evenly. That is why the best solution is to take right care of your cuticles in order to always keep them clean and have perfect mani-pedi finish every time. Here are tips from Ne to you.

  1. The most important thing is to soften your cuticles before trimming them. One effective way to do that is to soak your nails in hot and soapy water. 
  2. After softening your cuticles, apply Cuticle Remover. The Cuticle Remover from Ne helps to easily push the cuticles back and trim the dead cells. 
  3. Never cut the entire cuticle. Remove only the excess skin and hangnails.
  4. The area around the nail is very delicate. It is very common for cuticles to peel or crack. That is why the use of cuticle oils is highly recommended. Ne offers a variety of cuticle oils in different aromas including almond, fresia, pineapple, lemon, cocoa, peach, orange and every other freshening scent that you can think of. Using Ne cuticle oils will help to increase the circulation around your nails which will lead to stronger and faster growth. 
  5. Our last tip would be to pay attention to which salon you attend. It is very important to make sure that your nail master uses certified and sterilized equipment. 

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How to be trendy in color this summer?

Each summer season the palette of colors which are in trend is changed. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with all the available shades and try to combine them to find your perfect color  solution. But don’t worry as your best friend Ne is here to help you out and keep you in trend all the time. 

Ne is using the color shades from Pantone Institute, which offers amazing color solutions for decades, as an inspiration for the shades of our nail and gel polishes. In this article we will present you the trendiest 8 colors of Summer 2019 and try to find them among Ne colors with you. 

  1. Of course the bright red should have been among the most famous summer shades. It symbolizes passion and fire which is easily associated with joy and fun. So if you want to have lots of fun this summer and radiate passion, then Ne A222 Lolitaaa…. is the perfect option for you.  
  2. The next trendy color on the palette is the dark and misty red which stands for elegancy and chic urban lifestyle. To emphasize your nobility this summer, try to experiment with this shade of deep red. Ne offers many options of this color solution, however, we think that Ne A159 Elegant confidence  is the best option. 
  3. Orange is the new black all day everyday, including this summer. This shade of orange from Pantone is not exactly orange but is very close to it. And Ne has the perfect match for this trendy shade. A219 With my NEktarin, which is also from our charity line the profit of which is transferred to help more Armenian children to be born.
  4. This wonderful shade of mild coral pink is the perfect solution to match with your cute and pretty little summer dress. It has a little bit of gold shade to it which makes the color richer and perfect for every nail shape. The perfect match for this trendy color is A171 NariNE, which is a beautiful Armenian name just like this coral color.
  5. Yet another pink is on the display, but this time brighter and fiercer. This perfect shiny pink will add summer vibe to your everyday look. This is one of the shades that never goes out of style and we are absolutely in love with it. Inspired from this summer shade we came up with M303 Before the sunset  perfect pink from Ne which you can order from our website. 
  6. Among the bright and bold pinks and reds this yellowish green color solution is a must-have this summer. This subtle hue is perfect with every outfit combination. It will make your look more trendy and will help you stand out from the crowd. Ne offers M334 Prefect freshness, which is a close match with this unique color.
  7. Surely there is no summer without the sun. And which color is the most sunny of all? It’s yellow, yellow of them all! This summer instead of neon yellow, try this deep shade with a little bit of orange hue inside and you are ready to be trendy! Try our Ne M333 Smiley eyes for the perfect match.
  8. And the last trendy color this summer is the softest pink ever. This shade reminds us of the summer breeze, pink sunsets and windy hair. With this color you are beach perfect! Don’t miss out Ne M302 First date from our palette and go on your summer dates looking pretty and chic just as you already are. 

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Is the nail polish used only for nails? Apparently, no!

Besides its primary function as a coating for nails, nail polish can also be used for many housekeeping purposes as well. It is a must have item in every house. Starting from now, Ne will not let the nail lacquers in your house to wear out. We will present you many different ways to make use of your nail polishes. 

Easily thread a needle. 

How many times did you get furious because the thread was stratified and you could not pass it through the needle? We bet many. But there is no need to get angry anymore. Just put a little bit of clear nail polish at the end of the thread and you can simply push it through. 

Prevent labels from smudging 

Did you ever put similar products in similar jars and could not distinguish them later? That is when the marker helps us. But one careless touch and the marker is all smudged. And this is when the real helper comes to rescue. Clear nail polish like Ne Diamond or Ne Titanium. Apply a little nail polish and prevent the labels from smudging. 

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