How did NE “Silk Road” pearl collection revolutionize the nail industry?

Surely, the rich pearly shades of mine cannot stay unnoticed when passing by my stand. Besides all the benefits that NE nail lacquers offer, all 6 shades of the “Silk Road” collection are made of natural pearl powder.  And almost one year after the creation of my collection, the first ever salon-professional brand O.P.I created its Neo-Pearl collection, which includes 6 pearl shades. So, how did a small Armenian company become a trendsetter in the international market?

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The significance of primer: NE laboratory

The right preparation of nails is the only way to perfect gel mani. It guarantees the undamaged look for two weeks. Today we will talk about the primer: one of the most important steps in the preparation of nails.

Why do we need a primer?

It removes the excessive oils and grease from the nail surface and creates the required adhesive layer between the natural nail plate and the gel base coat. 

What types of primers are there?

There are mostly two types of primers: acidic and non-acid. It is recommended to use acidic primer only with problematic nails or when there are hormonal issues present in the organism. Both of the primers of NE are non-acid and do not harm or irritate. 

Why do we need to use a primer?

The use of primer guarantees the perfect 2-week gel manicure in case of any type of nails. Apply the primer on dry nails and wait for 40-60 seconds before applying the base coat. 


Article by 

NE Chief Chemist 

S. Safaryan


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Why every professional nail master should buy and try NE GELPREMIUM?

Both the international and Armenian nail market is filled with many famous manufacturing brands that offer high quality products. Every nail master bases their choice on a specific characteristic of the product. The most important advantage of NE GELPREMIUM is the fact that it encompasses  all the essential qualities that every high-quality, premium class gel lacquer should have.  If you prioritize even one of the below mentioned characteristics, then you should definitely try out the revolutionary formula of NE laboratory: GELPREMIUM.  Read more